Fifteen years of web design and development, helping hundreds of clients to achieve more and grow. This is Dune Digital Consulting.

We are a small team of seasoned experts in web business strategy, design, development, marketing and growth, project management, eCommerce integrations, CRM software and more. Our home base is in Wilmington, North Carolina, but we serve clients all over the United States, Europe, and the South Pacific.

Having designed and built hundreds of websites, started businesses from scratch, helped clients rebrand and rebuild their businesses, we’ve learned what the biggest pain points are in digital business, and how to solve them.

We would love to help you do more. Be more. Succeed more.

Our approach is grounded in experience.

Imagine what it would be like to increase your sales, or possibly double your sales, in the next few months… without increasing your marketing spend? Assuming that you are actively spending money for marketing, how would that affect your business?

Now if you are not paying for marketing this obviously isn’t the case, however – would you like to profit, immediately, from starting a marketing campaign? What would that feel like?

It would feel fantastic! Profits would increase and you could plan for growth, expand your reach, and plan for the future. How, you might ask? Hone in on what your clients really want. They have a need, a problem if you will… and you have the solution.

This is digital consulting. There is no catch. Only concise, focused steps to be taken in a methodical and consistent manner based on fifteen years experience in the digital space. You may be actively marketing with mixed results or you may be disappointed with your current return. You could have success but want to take it to another level, or you may be just starting out and not marketing at all.

The bottom line is this, you must have a plan derived from your data. Well, great. What data? That’s where we come in. You have to start somewhere, and instead of guessing or watching YouTube videos in your ‘spare time’ to try and figure out how to analyze your traffic and market yourself, we can provide you with a serious shortcut. Saving you hours, days, or even weeks of frustration and headache.

So you have to ask yourself… are you ready for your advertising spend to be exciting, and give you returns that make sense? If you’re not advertising, are you ready to see what it can do for your business? Are you over it, and just need someone to help you figure this all out?

Stop the stress and frustration of trying to guess how to grow your business and let us analyze your current situation, create a plan that works for you and your specific business, and direct the implementation so that you can get on track for your ideal of success.

For over fifteen years we have been designing, building and developing websites, writing SEO copy, and developing marketing and online business strategy for clients just like you. Clients who needed help, but weren’t sure what to ask for. From clients who’s businesses were brand new and had no market share, to well established businesses – some with no experience in the online space, some with gargantuan websites but no directive. Most of them are small to medium businesses who serve a local market and wanted, needed, to grow.

So if you’ve read to the bottom of this page, thank you. You are the type of client we are looking for. One who is willing to put in the work to achieve their goals. We are a Digital Consulting Agency and we provide the opportunity and clear directive for growth. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, click the button below and schedule a free thirty-minute consultation.